Fyer Flintfjorge

Fyer - Solo Full.png

Say hello to Fyer Flintfjorge (pronounced Fire Flintforge).

Fyer is an Imp, and until recently was the familiar of the famed wizard, Bruntious, before said wizard got himself killed along with the rest of the heroes of this world in an epic battle with the forces of evil.

Unwilling to be left to his own devices, Fyer has banded with our group of hapless monsters in the hopes of righting the wrongs of this world. Or, at the very least, getting a decent mug of ale.

A gifted spell-slinger in his own right, Fyer practices the ancient art of sex magic. The fact that he's never been intimate with any creature other than himself has never been an impediment to his craft, for he has become an expert at casting spells relying on his own... (cough) manipulations.

And he can cast a spell at a moment's notice, for as he likes to remind everyone, "That's not a loincloth, laddie."